Monday, May 19, 2014

The Timing could not have been more perfect-- “ Moving Beyond the Pilot”

                The math department at Frisch  is at an exciting and pivotal point in its 41 years of existence.  This past winter we were the recipients of a grant from the Jewish Education Project (JEP) which is enabling us to supply up to 200 students , about a third of our student body, with an online component to their math class.

Through the generosity of JEP we have had a wonderful time this past semester experimenting with different ways to integrate our chosen blended learning program called "Catch-Up Math".  As the school year is drawing to a close, I , as department chair, am left though with the daunting question “ now what?”  After running a three month pilot with around 40 students of various math ability, I now have even more questions than when I started exploring this option for my school back in June of 2013. 

I needed a workable plan come September and I needed it soon. Luckily for me I was invited this past Tuesday night to “Moving beyond the Pilot” , a panel discussion about blended learning at the Jewish Education Project headquarters in NYC. The ideas and messages expressed by the distinguished panelists could not have come at a better time.

 The honest, realistic and insightful observations from four blended learning experts on what works and what does not gave me knowledge I would have needed months to learn on my own. 

It was an incredibly worthwhile evening and I am excited to begin this new phase of math education at Frisch.  While I know it may take time to figure out the best way to make this program successful for our students at Frisch, I am optimistic for this coming September and grateful for the resources and people at JEP and JDigitial Network.

The DigitalJLearning Network is an initiative of The Jewish Education Project supported by funding from the AVI CHAI Foundation.

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