Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Joy of Being a Student Again...Rutgers University PreCalc Conference

This past Friday five members of the Frisch math department drove down to Piccataway bright and early to attend the Rutgers University 28th Annual Precalculus Conference.  It was a fabulous professional development opportunity for Mr. Herb Grossman, Mrs. Shira Teichman, Mrs. Elissa Katz, Mrs. Chanie Schlessinger, and Mrs. Sabrina Bernath, department chair.  The teachers specifically went to different sessions ranging from ways to teach probability, introduction to the latest iPad apps, to a discussion on the diagonals of Pascal's triangle with the goal of sharing what each individual teacher learned in our coming weekly meetings.
Frisch Math Teachers at the Rutgers Univeristy Precalc Conference
All agreed the high point of the day was the plenary session given by the brilliant and extremely entertaining professor and author Dr. William Dunham, Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University.  It was pure joy for the teachers to once again be students themselves.  It was an honor to be taught and entertained by a living mathematical legend on the proofs of Hero's Formula of the area of a triangle.  By Sunday a few of the teachers had already been in contact for ideas and resources with people they met at the conference.  Some of what they learned will benefit Frisch students as early as this coming week.

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