Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Round Two of the Ulpaniada

This was an important morning for four of Frisch's brightest female math students. Abigail Katcoff '14, Jamie Lebovics '14,  Ronit Langer '15 and Rivka Zimm '17 took the second test in the three part Ulpaniada Math Contest run by Jerusalem College.  This round's exam consisted of two parts: twelve multiple choice questions and two open ended questions that required detailed proofs. Today's questions lived up to the exam's reputation of being extremely challenging and having little in common with any high school math test these students have taken before.  With these unique questions requiring creativity and the ability to abstract on a whole new level, it was an intense three hours as the pictures below show. These young women were up to the challenge and stayed incredibly focused for the entire duration of the test.
Rivka Zimm '17

Ronit Langer '15

We are hopeful that at least one of these bright math super stars will make it to the final round in Jerusalem. Regardless of the outcome of this morning test though, Frisch is proud of these four young woman. Even qualifying for the second round in such a rigorous and demanding competition is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Go Cougars!

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