Sunday, October 20, 2013

Frisch's Math Team

Frisch's Math Team (aka Math League aka Math Club) has had its first two meetings after school. The first meeting we had a team competition, always a student favorite. We split into two teams, working in separate rooms, each team working on eight challenging problems. The teams can work cooperatively, and can divide the eight problems among themselves any way they want to. At the end each team submits one final answer for each problem.

The team of juniors (plus Oriel) beat the team of seniors, sophs, and freshmen. At the second meeting we reviewed the problems from the previous meeting.

 We also looked at some old New Jersey Math League problems, because at the third meeting, we'll participate in the first NJML contest of the year. Our team participates in 6 NJML contests, one a month. In February, we'll participate in the American Math Contest. We've also participated in the biannual Yeshiva Math Bowl, and the trophy from last year's competition is sitting here at Frisch, after our team took first place honors.

As advisor, I'm especially excited this year because we have more freshman participants than usual. A good sign for the future. The students who have come back year after year get genuine pleasure from solving challenging, unconventional math problems. Special thanks to Senior Captains Abigail Katcoff, Jamie Lebovics, and Zachary Oster.

By David Greenfield
Math Teacher and Math Team Faculty Advisor

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